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Curbside Solutions takes pride in delivering exceptional landscape design services that transform outdoor spaces into breathtaking and functional works of art. Trust Curbside Solutions to elevate the appeal of your surroundings through our dedicated and thorough approach to landscape design.

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We tailor our services to suit your specific needs.

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Count on us to deliver prompt services and good quality.

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Our eco conscious methods ensure a thorough clean.

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We are locally owned, providing services to the community.

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We work around your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption.


Lynn, W

Cody and his team at Curbside Solutions are masters at what they do. They perform excellent work in a timely manner, have great prices, and are super knowledgeable. All of my landscaping needs will be done by Curbside Solutions. If you need any landscaping or power washing done please call Curbside Solutions. You will be so happy with their work.


Arik, B

The work was amazing and done relatively quick. Would recommend this company to anyone looking to get something pressure washed.


Christine, W

Cody and his team mulched our front flower beds on super short notice. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for prompt and reliable yard services!


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Delve into the realm of inspired outdoor transformations with Curbside Solutions LLC’s visionary landscape design services in Prairieville, LA. Our commitment to crafting captivating outdoor experiences comes to life through an artful fusion of creativity and expertise. Landscape design is not just a service; it’s a narrative that weaves together your aspirations and the natural canvas of your property into a harmonious masterpiece. At Curbside Solutions LLC, landscape design is an exploration of possibilities.

Our seasoned designers approach each project as a unique expression of your lifestyle and preferences. Whether it’s a tranquil garden retreat, a modern outdoor living area, or an inviting entrance, our designs breathe life into spaces that resonate with your identity. Choosing Curbside Solutions LLC for your landscape design needs means partnering with architects of outdoor enchantment. Our team employs a blend of architectural precision and artistic ingenuity to transform your vision into a tangible reality. By integrating natural elements, hardscapes, plantings, and lighting, we create immersive environments that captivate the senses.

Unique identity that sets you apart and complements your home.

Personal sanctuary that fosters relaxation and respite from daily life.

Customized functionality for outdoor entertainment areas.

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Landscape Design in Prairieville, LA

Our dedication to crafting exceptional outdoor spaces is evident in our meticulous approach that marries creativity with functionality. Landscape design is not just a service; it’s an embodiment of our passion for shaping captivating environments that elevate lifestyles. At Curbside Solutions LLC, landscape design is a fusion of imagination and expertise. Our team of skilled designers brings a fresh perspective to each project, working closely with you to understand your desires and aspirations. We believe that every outdoor space has a unique story to tell, and our designs are tailored to bring that story to life. Whether it’s an oasis of tranquility, an entertainment hub, or a blend of both, our designs harmonize with your lifestyle.

Choosing Curbside Solutions LLC for your landscape design needs means choosing a partner that invests in your vision. Our designs transcend aesthetics; they encapsulate the essence of your preferences while adhering to practicality. We leverage our deep understanding of horticulture, spatial dynamics, and architectural elements to create spaces that thrive in both beauty and utility. With our commitment to innovation, attention to detail, and client-centric approach, Curbside Solutions LLC is poised to be your trusted ally in crafting landscapes that reflect your individuality and stand as living works of art.

Lower maintenance with organized layouts and optimized plant choices.

Personalized aesthetics that reflect your unique style and preferences.

Natural habitat creation that supports local wildlife and biodiversity.

Design FAQS

Why should I invest in professional landscape design?

Professional landscape design brings expertise and creativity to transform your outdoor space into a harmonious, functional, and visually appealing environment. Design professionals understand how to optimize elements such as layout, plant selection, hardscapes, and focal points to create a cohesive and balanced landscape that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

How does landscape design benefit my property's value?

Landscape design significantly enhances your property’s value by improving curb appeal and creating a unique selling point. A well-designed landscape not only attracts potential buyers but also showcases the care and investment you’ve put into your property. Quality landscaping can lead to higher resale values and faster property sales.

What's involved in the landscape design process?

The landscape design process typically involves an initial consultation where your ideas, preferences, and goals are discussed. Design professionals assess your property’s layout, soil conditions, drainage, and existing features. They then develop a comprehensive design plan that includes layout sketches, plant selections, hardscape elements, and other design details. Once approved, the plan is implemented through a combination of plant installations, hardscape construction, and other landscape enhancements.

Will landscape design work with my property's existing features?

Absolutely. Skilled designers work with your property’s natural features, architecture, and existing elements to create a design that seamlessly integrates with your surroundings. Whether it’s a mature tree, unique topography, or specific architectural style, a well-crafted design enhances these features, ensuring a harmonious and balanced outcome.

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Professional Design Company

Landscape design is the artful orchestration of outdoor spaces, merging aesthetics, functionality, and nature’s beauty into a harmonious composition. It goes beyond arranging plants; it’s about creating immersive environments that tell stories and evoke emotions. Landscape design transforms blank canvases into captivating retreats that reflect individuality and aspirations. At its core, landscape design is a creative journey that melds imagination with practicality. It involves a strategic process of envisioning, planning, and executing outdoor spaces that align with your lifestyle and preferences.

From sculpting outdoor living areas and defining pathways to selecting plantings and incorporating hardscapes, each element is thoughtfully curated to contribute to a cohesive and inviting whole. Professional designers blend their expertise in horticulture, architecture, and spatial arrangement to create landscapes that age gracefully and adapt to changing seasons. Landscape design captures the essence of outdoor living, where every corner becomes a canvas for self-expression and connection. Whether it’s a private sanctuary, a vibrant garden, or an outdoor gathering space, landscape design paints landscapes with beauty, functionality, and the magic of nature’s elements.

Harmonious integration of architecture and environment.

All-season interest with a variety of plants offering year-round appeal.

Enhanced privacy with well-placed greenery and screening elements.